• December 9, 2022

5 Negotiation No-Nos When Summoning A Demon

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Sure, the Halloween season is a time for copious candy and partying, or mischief and pranks if you’re sixteen and your parents are going through something. But don’t let the commercialization of Halloween distract you from the endless possibilities this time of year opens up. It’s not just a time for Pumpkin-ritas and washing out cheap hair dye. It’s also a powerful time as far as the fabric of our universe is concerned, and an opportunity where the veil between worlds is notoriously thin.

For those of us who may be considering summoning a demon to assist us in our personal or professional lives, Halloween is our best opportunity. And it’s not something that should be taken lightly. When bringing a being of hell into our world for some level of nefarious negotiation, at least as much planning should go into it as your last vacation. Yet it seems regardless of the stakes, we regularly see casual, borderline disrespectful summoning procedure. After putting all that work into obtaining the grimoire, now is not the time to cut corners.

Here’s 5 important tips for summoning a demon without getting dicked over.

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