• March 25, 2023

The Goonies Set Was A Hang Out Spot For Some Of The Biggest Stars In Hollywood

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Feldman mentioned his relationship with Michael Jackson in the Empire article, which began on “The Goonies” set. For years, Jackson was accused of grooming and abusing children, but Feldman and fellow child star Macaulay Culkin defended him against the allegations for years, insisting that he was never inappropriate with them. However, in recent years, Feldman has begun to question his friendship with the pop star:

“He bought me gifts, a Watchman TV, a gold watch from Disneyland […] “So was he grooming me and I just never ended up being his pick? Or was that just who he was? ‘That’s the f***ing thing. We’ll never know.”

In hindsight, Feldman sees the potential risks within the relationship that he didn’t have the capacity to understand as a child. The same naivety leads young stars to dabble in drugs and other high-risk behaviors, which makes children extremely vulnerable to the famous and powerful within the entertainment industry.  

Having the chance to hang out with superstars on a Spielberg set might sound like a dream come true. However, young, wealthy, famous actors may seem really lucky from the outside, but Fame has had massive consequences for Feldman, Plimpton, and many other child actors.

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