• March 25, 2023

Amália Rodrigues was the queen of which Iberian music style? The Saturday quiz

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The questions

1 Which novel’s title alludes to the start of 15 August 1947? 2 The Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi is the largest group of what?3 Which tennis player inspired the Bum Bum ice-cream? 4 Which writing system was once called “letters of the birds”? 5 Amália Rodrigues was the “queen” of which Iberian music style?6 Bonxie is another name for which seabird?7 What is the oldest university in Belgium?8 A baby’s caul was said to protect against which fate?What links:9 Ross; Filchner-Ronne; Amery; Larsen; Riiser-Larsen? 10 Lunatic; jovial; martial; mundane; venereal?11 Commanders; Nationals; Capitals; Wizards?12 Chevalier Rebsomen; Paul Wittgenstein; Rick Allen?13 Martello; Palmerston; Maunsell?14 WordPress; Wix; Squarespace?15 Dunfermline Palace (I); St James’s Palace (II); Buckingham Palace (III)?

The answers

1 Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. 2 Japanese yakuza. 3 Boris Becker. 4 Egyptian hieroglyphics. 5 Fado. 6 Great skua. 7 Leuven (Louvain). 8 Drowning. 9 Major ice shelves in Antarctica. 10 Adjectives related to heavenly bodies: Moon; Jupiter; Mars; Earth; Venus. 11 Washington DC sports teams: American football; baseball; ice hockey; basketball. 12 One-armed/one-handed musicians: 19th-century flautist; 20th-century pianist; drummer in Def Leppard. 13 Coastal and sea forts/towers. 14 Website building platforms. 15 Birthplaces of the three King Charleses.

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