• December 8, 2022

Fact Check-Video report claiming people can pay German auction house to destroy Russian art is a fake – Reuters

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A video imitating the reporting style of a French broadcaster has falsely claimed that a German auction house is holding a fundraiser for Ukraine’s armed forces in which patrons bid on Russian art to be “publicly destroyed”.

The footage (here) carries the Euronews logo, along with the same fonts and graphics used by the outlet in its social media reporting (see an example here).

According to the fabricated report, auction house Bolland & Marotz has invited art collectors to bid on Russian artists’ paintings, writers’ manuscripts, and other antiques.

“Following the sale, all lots will be publicly destroyed, with the proceeds going to Ukraine’s armed forces,” the report states.

Other versions of the video can be seen on Twitter (here), BitChute (here) and Facebook (here and here).

However, Euronews released a statement on Twitter, saying the video is fake and was not edited by the network (here).

“Euronews did not produce nor publish this video,” the statement reads. “Our graphics and format were used without Euronews’ consent. We are taking steps to have it deleted from all platforms and actively investigating where this fake video comes from.”

The outlet also published an article about the fake news report (here).

Bolland & Marotz issued a statement on its website (bolland-marotz.de/, archived archive.ph/VJfFu), saying: “A video has been circulating on the internet and social media linking the name Bolland & Marotz to an auction of Russian art. This video is a fake, a forgery. An auction described in the video will not take place. Bolland & Marotz firmly distance themselves from this video and is outraged that our name is being misused for it.”

Reuters found no such video on the Euronews website (bit.ly/3NgyICC) or social media channels (twitter.com/euronews, www.facebook.com/euronews/, here and here), nor any proof on the Bolland & Marotz website of the event taking place.


False. Euronews said it did not create the video and the German auction house confirmed no such event would be taking place.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our fact-checking work here.

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