• December 9, 2022

Get the best-looking Galaxy Watch for $130 off for Prime Day

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The Galaxy Watch 5 isn’t on sale for Prime Day, but the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is. You might hesitate to buy a “last-gen” smartwatch, but our #3 best Android smartwatch today has the same chipset, RAM, storage, and One UI Watch 4.5 software as the newer watches, plus an exclusive perk: its physically rotating, stainless steel bezel that lets you quickly and accurately whiz through Tiles and notifications. The newer watches abandoned this for a digital touch bezel that mostly works but isn’t as responsive or nearly as stylish.

In other words, it’s still an excellent, fully supported smartwatch with a perk that the newer, less stylish watches lack. And it’s available for $130 off at $220 (opens in new tab) in the 42mm variant, the more compact and universal size that anyone can wear. If you prefer the 46mm size for extra screen space, it’s not quite as good a deal, but still up to $76 off (opens in new tab) depending on which color you pick. 

Or, if you don’t care about the bezel and just want the cheaper (but still perfectly reliable) Galaxy Watch 4, it’s currently $110 off (opens in new tab) as well!

This Prime Day Galaxy Watch 4 Classic deal is right on time

If you’d rather wait and hope that the Galaxy Watch 5 gets discounted for Black Friday, that’s not a terrible idea. But check our guide on the Galaxy Watch 5 vs. 4 to see how similar the two watches are. The Galaxy Watch 4 and 4 Classic have slightly shorter battery lives and longer charge times, but mirror them in most other ways; the only exclusive sensor to the 5, the temperature sensor, isn’t even active yet!

So if you own a Samsung phone and still need a smartwatch, then seriously consider these two Prime Day Galaxy Watch deals. Otherwise, check our Amazon Prime Day live blog for all the other smartwatch deals we’ve spotted. 

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