• March 25, 2023

Who Watches The Overwatchers

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I can’t figure out what the hell is going on with this. Well, that’s not true I guess. I do know what’s going on. It’s algorithm worship, it’s just happening in a way that puts all the bizarre dynamics of that worship into relief. You can see the number on Twitch – it’s doing exactly what they wanted it to do, which is to make number big. I just don’t think this accomplishes any long term goal.

I dropped out of Overwatch a while ago, or… I got dropped out you might say, but I know many, many people severely amourous for the franchise that simply can’t abide the game now. On its own, “Free Overwatch” sounds good. Just conceptually. In practice, the staunchest proponents I know don’t even think that’s what it is. Blizzard didn’t just flip the switch and give it away, like Team Fortress 2 let’s say. They heeded Dark Gods and draped themselves in blasphemous raiment. I think there was a Blizzard way to do this, and they don’t know what that is. It’s a muddle that serves too many masters, overwriting and overriding the existing game and community. What the fuck is happening over there?  Tell me this is a work.  Tell me this is New Coke.  

Oh! And don’t forget tomorrow’s #sponsored Warhammer Underworlds stream. We took it slow last time, but I bet we can get two full games in starting at 3. Plus, we’re taking the game’s Nemesis format for a spin, a way of playing that combines the Shuffle And Play rivals deck with mix and match deckbuilding from only one other deck – getting everything I want out of these has been a tough challenge, but I’m up for it. Here’s the rest of the details:


(CW)TB out.

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